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Access Energys solar street lights are the future of lighting up roads with ultra high efficiency, clean-green source of energy. Lento offers both CFL based and high lumen high efficiency LED based solar street lights. Lento solar street lights find applications for lighting roads inside villages, towns and cities, inside private domestic and commercial compounds, in hospitals and in remote areas where grid power is just not available. Lento solar street lights are designed with modular construction, easy to fit by anyone with minimum of training and low maintenance due to use of high quality components and rigid manufacturing processes.

Available Watts:

  • 7W | 10W | 12W | 18W | 20W | 30W | 40W | 50W | 60W

20+ Years Of Experience

We are having our Innovation team who work day & night to innovate new ideas.

  • + High efficiency,reliable electronic circuitry with short circuit protection, low voltage protection, polarity reversal, surge/lightning protection and self starting features.
    + Automatic switch on at dusk, switch off at dawn
    + PWM MOSFET solar charge controller
    + SMF battery
    + High efficiency LEDS in LED fixtures and high lumen CFL in CFL luminaires
    + Guaranteed performance over its lifetime
    + Tested for harsh Indian climatic conditions
    + Incorporates integral luminaire, charge controller and electronics, battery and SPV module.