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Well on our way to becoming the top Indian Power Conversion Equipment Company, our strength is our in-house Research & Development wing. If our products have innovative features, perform with highest efficiency figures and are known for legendary reliability, the credit goes to our R&D team that has come up with designs customized for Indian operating conditions. We anticipate trends and tailor research to design products that perform flawlessly for years and are easy to maintain. Our R&D personnel have proven experience and work under an enlightened management that gives them free hand to innovate and develop products that make us market leaders.

R&D powers our activities and we consider it an essential part of operations and growth. R&D is what gives us the edge in an extremely competitive field.


Our design and technology is driven from a user perspective. We ask ourselves what is available in the market and what features do users want? This is the fundamental principles of our design and technology ideologies. While quality is a prime ingredient, cost considerations are equally important as are functionality, ease of use and total reliability. While taking care of these elements in our standard range of products, we also make them a part of our advanced technology products like our digital signal processing systems tied to switch mode technology used in our sine wave inverters. We modestly claim to be up there with the best, offering world-class products and technologies as the outcome of our superior design capabilities.


  • DSP based design with better control of voltage and frequency
  • Pure sine wave Output
  • Automatic battery Management
  • Soft Start
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Fast Change-over time so computer compatibility
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection
  • Good Crest Factor