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Access Energy offers energy efficient high lumen output LED based solar home lighting systems to keep your home lighted up in the event of power failure. These home lighting systems can be used in urban as well as rural areas. In urban areas home lighting systems help you save power by providing at least 3 to 4 hours of solar powered lighting each day. In rural areas our solar home lighting systems provide that crucial lighting during evening hours to help children study and women to cook and do their work in brightly lit interiors.




20+ Years Of Experience

We are having our Innovation team who work day & night to innovate new ideas.


  • + System is completely shock proof due to low voltage circuitry.v
    + Short circuit protection.
    + Safe and easy to install.
    + Free from noise, smoke and pollution.
    + Required very little attention.
    + Possible to expand the system in future.
    + Available in different configuration.
    + Mobile Charging (Optional)
    + FM Radio (Optional)
    + Night Lamp (Optional)
    + Digital Battery Status (Optional)
    Typical Applications & Uses:
    + Lighting for homes, shops, banks, clinics, corridors etc.

+ Easy to install

+ No Electric Connection Required, No electric Bill

Access Energy has designed its solar home lighting system to give maximum lumen output, be maintenance free and have an extremely long life. It is very simple in construction and easy to deploy. The SPV module has a built in support and users can place it anywhere on the terrace where they receive sunlight for at least 5 to 6 hours. Wires from these connect to the controller unit that also has connections to two LED luminaries and an output socket which can be used to power other devices.

Lento solar home lighting systems use high efficiency solar photovoltaic modules with a small footprint. High efficiency, high lumen white LEDs are used in the luminaries to give higher lumen output but at substantially lower power consumption in comparison to CFL. This means a smaller solar panel and smaller battery can be used at a lower cost for the same duration of light output from the system. It is also lower in cost.